How can I have a PDF document read aloud to me using Texthelp Read & Write software?

Texthelp Read & Write is available on all Library PCs. To use it to have a PDF document read aloud: 

  1. Open Texthelp Read & Write
  2. You will need to open the document you want to have read aloud to you through Texthelp Read & Write. This PDF file will need to be saved to your computer first. Click on the PDF button on the toolbar (if you can't see it, try clicking on the >> symbol and it should appear in the list)
  3. Open the PDF file you want to use
  4. Click on the  symbol on the Read & Write toolbar to have the text read aloud to you
  5. To just have part of the text read, select the text and click the  button
  6. Click on the  symbol to stop the reading

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