Answered By: Russ Jones
Last Updated: 07 Oct 2016

A number of users have experienced issues logging into the Leeds Beckett app. Firstly can we apologise for any inconvenience and annoyance this may have caused. We have identified two possible reasons for this happening, details of how to fix are below:

  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. A new version containing the log in functionality was published on the App Store / Google Play on Thursday 22 September - please check that your phone has this version installed via your device's app manager. (It should prompt you saying an update is available if you haven't already installed it.)
  2. If you have used the app prior to 22 September it may believe you are already logged in and give you a message about being 'Unable to change profiles'. To avoid this you will need to force the app to log you out of its database. To do this:
    • Apple: Select Settings (a cog icon on the bottom menu bar.) On the following screen scroll down and select Logout. Answer 'yes' at the prompt and it will log you out.
    • Android: Select Settings (the three dots in the top right hand corner of the app.) Click on the icon of a key that appears in the top menu and select yes when prompted. This will log you out.

The app should now allow you to log in with your standard University username and password.