Answered By: Josie Field
Last Updated: 21 Aug 2017

PebblePad has introduced a new and improved text editing toolbar:


It appears when you create text content and when writing a blog post under the + Add Content icon:



Main functions

Here is a brief guide to the main functions of the editor bar:



Cuts text to be pasted elsewhere.


Copies text to be pasted elsewhere.


Reverses an action.


Re-performs an action 'undone' by the undo function.

Create Hyperlink

Turns a piece of text into a hyperlink. Gives you the option to link an item to an asset, a resource, a URL web address or an email. The text will then be blue with an underline which disappears when the mouse hovers over it- recognisable formatting for hyperlinks.


Remove Hyperlink

Removes any hyperlinks attached to a piece of text. This is useful when pasting text from websites which may have embedded hyperlinks that you don’t want in your page.


Text Type

This allows you to quickly format text as a header, normal text or a hint.



This allows you to choose one of six different fonts for your text.

Text Size

This allows you to choose the font size for your text ranging from 8 to 72.


Makes highlighted text bold with a heavier line size.


Puts highlighted text into an italicised font.


Underlines highlighted text.


Creates a line through selected text.

Remove All Formatting

Removes all previous formatting (font, bold, italics etc).


Creates a numbered list from the text.


Creates a bullet pointed list from the text.

Decrease Indent

Reduces the size of indent into a line of text.

Increase Indent

Enlarges the size of indent into a line of text.

Align Text

Aligns text to the left, centre, right or justifies it.

Text Colour

Provides a selection of colours to choose from for your text.

Text Highlighter

Provides a selection of colours to highlight your text with.


Tips and tricks

  • When pasting text from a web source be sure to use the Remove All Formatting button to allow you to edit it within PebblePad- otherwise it will retain a lot of its original formatting despite editing attempts via PebblePad (e.g. it will not become bold or italicised).
  • Hyperlinks pasted directly from other websites should retain their hyperlink status in your PebblePad page- a good time saver!
  • To create line spaces between bullet points press return and then click the bulletpoint button on the toolbar to remove the additional bullet created by the line break.
  • If you prefer working in Word, PebblePad will keep a great deal of Word formatting if you paste text over. It will keep any bold text, italics, underlines, strikethroughs, font size, colours, highlight & alignment. It will even retain most fonts from Word- despite not offering these fonts in the PebblePad text editor.

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