Answered By: Josie Field
Last Updated: 18 Aug 2017

In PebblePad, you may want to publish your work on the web so anyone can view and comment on it. E.g. a portfolio of evidence for a job interview.

Publish an Asset

1. While logged in, go to your Asset Store and open up the Asset you wish to make available on the web.

2. Click on the I want to... button at the top right and then click Share:

3. Next, click on With the Web. You will then need to specify permissions for allowing people to comment on your asset, hiding it from appearing in search engines or setting the amount of time it will be available online for. Then when you're done, just click on Share Asset.

4. You will then be given a URL which you can use to send to anyone you want to view the asset.

Unpublish an Asset

1. In the Asset Store, locate the asset you want to unpublish, then click on the Shared to web icon, which will have the word Yes next to it to indicate this has been shared:

2. The right hand panel will now slide into view. Next just click on the trash icon next to the share to delete it. You will also be prompted to confirm this is going to be removed from the asset. You can view/edit the share by clicking on the link next to the trash icon.

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