Answered By: Rianne MacArthur
Last Updated: 28 Nov 2018

Important: Prevent echo and feedback in the Adobe Connect meeting by using a headset, not a microphone and speakers!

To set up your audio:

  1. Click Meeting in the toolbar.

  2. Click Audio Setup Wizard...

  3. Click Next.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to check your audio is working.
  5. Click on Play Sound and ensure that you can hear the music being played.

  6. On the next screen select the correct microphone that will used, if required for the meeting / lecture.
    Click on Record and then speak into the microphone. You should see a blue bar moving next to the Record button to show that audio is be picked up. Once you have spoken something into the microphone click Stop and then click Play Recording to ensure that you can hear the recording being played back.

  7. The next step Tune Silence will try to reduce background noise when you are using your microphone.

    link to test silence
  8. The wizard will tell you if it's successful and show you which microphone it's going to use (you may have more than one if you have a headset and webcam, so make sure it's the right one!)
  9. Click on the Finish button to exit the wizard or the Help button to solve any problems you're having.

    7. Once you have completed the Audio Setup, you need to ensure that the relevant icons are green to show that they are active. If they are not they will be grayed out.

    By clicking the drop down arrow, you can adjust the volume setting. 

    Please Note: If the microphone icon is not showing this means that the tutor hosting the lecture / meeting as not enabled this function. 


    If during the Audio Setup you are unable configure the speakers or microphone to work correctly you need to ensure that you have the correct audio device selected (if your computer has multiple speakers for example).

    By clicking the drop down arrow next to either icon, you can then check that the correct speakers / microphone are being used. 

    image select speakers

    Further help for audio problems can be found at Audio Troubleshooting in Adobe Connect?