How do I set up my Outlook Student Email in the Gmail App on an Android Device?

If you are having problems with connecting your student email to the Outlook App or you already use the Gmail App for your personal emails and would like all of your addresses in one place, then you can follow these steps to set up your Outlook account in the Gmail App.

1. Locate the Gmail App on your phone. If it is not installed you will need to do so via the Play Store.

2. Click on the three lines in the top left hand corner.

3. Click the down arrow next to your name and then click on "Add account".


4. Click on the "Exchange and Office 365" option and enter your student email address.


5. Enter your password. This will be the same as your password for MyBeckett. Click "Next".

6. A page called "Incoming server settings" will open. Click next. If an error message "couldn't open connection to server" appears this means that you have entered your email or password incorrectly.


7. A box called "Remote security administration" will appear. Click "OK". 

8. A page called Device Administrator will open. Click "Activate"

9. A page called "Your account is set up and emails are on their way!" will open. Click "Next" to view your email inbox.

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