Answered By: Rianne MacArthur
Last Updated: 06 Apr 2018

This FAQ contains examples of Turnitin error messages, with suggested solutions.

Error message: title - size must be between 4 and 200

This error occurs when you have typed a Submission Title that is less than 4 characters or more than 200 characters long.

Suggested solution: Type a new Submission Title that is between 4 and 200 characters long and submit your file again.

Error message: You must upload a supported file type for this assignment

This error occurs when you have tried to submit a file type that is not accepted by Turnitin. 

Suggested solution: Check our accepted formats FAQ to ensure your work is saved as a file type that you can upload to Turnitin.

Format error

Error message: Your submission does not contain valid text

This error occurs when Turnitin cannot detect any text within your file. Possible examples include:

  • Files created in Photoshop
  • Files created in PowerPoint
  • Files saved as an image

Suggested solution: Check that your file contains over 20 words and is in an accepted format. A PDF document that has been created using Adobe Photoshop will normally be rejected by Turnitin, even if it appears to contains text. However, a PDF document that has been created using Adobe InDesign may be accepted if it contains at least 20 words of text and is under 40MB in size. If you have written your document in Microsoft Word but you want to submit it as a PDF, click File, then Save As Adobe PDF.

No valid text

Error message: the request was rejected because its size exceeds the configured maximum

This error occurs when you have tried to submit a file that is bigger than 40MB. 

Suggested solution: You need to reduce the size of your file to under 40MB. You could try saving it as a PDF or try compressing the images