Answered By: Andy Key
Last Updated: 30 May 2018

Are you stuck with the 'User Agreement' box on your pc/mac, and can't proceed to submit your assignment? 

Clicking 'Agree' but the box keeps refreshing and doesn't disappear?

Apologies there is an issue affecting some users/internet browsers, either:

  • the first time you submit a Turnitin based assignment
  • when Turnitin update their user agreement (meaning you have to agree to the terms and conditions again)

To remedy this, please try to use an alternative browser Firefox or Microsoft Edge (for the purposes of removing this user agreement message) or follow the instructions below:

In Safari you can't use another browser you must go to Safari ‘Preferences’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘Cookies and Website data’ and set it to ‘Always allow’. This should make the box go away upon a page refresh.

In Google Chrome, the box should go away by itself but if it doesn't click on the green tick which is visible within the box iwhich should dismiss it.  If it remains, please clear your cache via this guide:

Please if any doubt do contact us in the Library if the message remains - occasionally library colleagues will have to refer this to our suppliers - this will be through no fault of your own.