Answered By: Aaron Jones
Last Updated: 29 Mar 2018

Adobe Connect - attend online (or recorded) events

Some tutors run online tutorials, meetings or webinars as part of your course, for students to attend.

We do recommend running Adobe Connect using a PC or Mac but you can also download the app for iPhones and iPads from the Apple Store iOS 

You can access the guide for Adobe Connect on a PC or Mac Here 

  1. Once you have downloaded the app you will need to either follow the link that you have been sent or paste the Meeting URL that you have received into the app when requested, then click next

    If prompted please 'allow' Adobe Connect access to your microphone/speakers.

  2. Ensure that Guest is selected and then enter your name (this be the screen name displayed).
  3. When you have joined the meeting you will be able to see any slides or video that is being shared along with Attendees and any Chat history.

  4. At the bottom left hand corner on the screen there may be a microphone icon (if the tutor has enabled this function).  
    You will need to click this to connect your microphone and then adjust the volume. 

  5. Down the left hand side of the screen there are also options to select full screen for video or slides. Clicking the top icon in the list will return you to the normal mode.

  6.  There are some pre set options to send notifications to the tutor hosting the session. For example if you want to ask a question select Raise Hand  and this will notify the tutor. 


Please Note:  In order to view shared video and to use your microphone the tutor hosting the lecture / meeting needs to enable this function for you first.