Answered By: Russ Jones
Last Updated: 24 Oct 2018

If you need to put an assignment on a disc you can burn it to a CD/DVD using Windows:

Ensure the file(s) you wish to burn are not currently open on the PC.

Insert your blank disk, wait a few seconds, then choose 'Burn files to disc' from the 'Autoplay' pop-up window:

Change the 'Disc title:' if required. Select 'With a CD/DVD player" then click 'Next':

Drag all the file(s) and folder(s) you wish to burn onto the DVD/CD drive's window. All files will only be copied, so you will not lose the original(s). An arrow  means the file icon is ready to burn

When all the required files are listed, click Burn to disc. Check the 'Disc title:' is ok, leave the 'Recording speed:' at its default, click Next. When finished, the disc will eject. Click Finish.

Try opening a few files from the disc, to ensure they have burnt successfully.