How can I move my emails in web based Outlook to a new email account?

Web based Outlook does not support exporting email content or the connecting email accounts.

To move email content from your student email via web Outlook, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create a new email message (it’s easier if you don’t do this in new tab)

  2. From the Inbox menu from the left hand side, you can select the email you wish to copy across:

To select more than one email, press Ctrl + emails you wish to move

To select all, press Shift + select an email from your inbox or simply select the tick icon at the top of your inbox list



  1. Once you’ve selected the emails you wish to move, drag them across and drop them in to your new message when the box Drop messages here appears

The maximum file size you can attach to an email is 20MB


  1. Send your email to your new/personal email address
  2. Log in to your new/personal email address, open your student email messages with your email content attachments.


Right click and select one of the attachments, from the menu select Save All Attachments

These emails will appear in your inbox, ready for you to arrange as appropriate