Do you have facilities to bind my dissertation in the library?

We have manual self-service comb binding machines available at both our Sheila Silver Library, City Campus, and Headingley Library.

How do they work?  There are instructions near the machines.

Where do I get the plastic spines from?    The Library's Advice Service sell them in various sizes. Click here for their opening hours.

Do you have any other ways to bind documents, e.g. thermal binding?   Not in the Library. Several print shops in Leeds and Headingley offer alternative binding services.

Can I ask somebody to comb bind for me? Yes. There is a service for comb binding documents at Headingley which is based in the Print Room in the James Graham Building JGG13. Details of the services they offer can be found here:


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  1. A4 or A3 size? Both? A3 combs?
    by Janice Bennett on 01 Dec 2016.