How can I access Endnote?

There are two versions of EndNote that Leeds Beckett Staff and students can access. The ’EndNote desktop’ version is installed on all of the open access PCs in the Library. Leeds Beckett Staff / PhD students can run an auto install on campus, or contact staff help desk.


Leeds Beckett staff and students can use either EndNote Online for free, or purchase EndNote (version X7 is used in the University but there may be a more up-to-date version available to buy).

EndNote can be purchased at a reduced price from:

Adept Scientific, Amor Way, Lechworth, Harts, SG6 1ZA.  Tel: 01462 480055.

Before buying a full copy of EndNote for home use you might like to have a look at EndNote Online. Although this does not give the full functionality of EndNote, it may be sufficient for your needs. It is easy to transfer citations in either direction.

Endnote Online (formerly Endnote Web) is an online version that staff and students can use when they are off-campus. The web version is enough for most people’s needs.

To register Endnote Online

  • To register Endnote Online

  • Go to the A-Z list of databases

  • Click on E

  • Connect to the database ‘EndNote Basic’.

  • Click on ‘sign up’ to create an account

Support for Endnote

There are some helpful tutorials on the Endnote website.

You can also access Endnote's database of articles to support your technical needs and questions.