How do I access SPSS files on my Chromebook?

  • Download and save the SPSS file from your module in MyBeckett to a location on your computer, do not try opening it.
  • Upload the file to your Webfiles/P: Drive following the below steps
  1. log into MyBeckett
  2. click on Webfiles
  3. click Access Files, log in with your standard username and password
  4. to save, click upload > standard tab > click browse
  • The files will now be accessible via SPSS on the Remote App
  • In SPSS go to File
  • Select Open
  • Click the > next to this PC
  • Go into your P:Drive. This should be prefixed by your username/c number
  • Search for the name of the file that you have saved.
  • The file should now open in SPSS

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