Answered By: Anna Hepworth
Last Updated: 09 Nov 2016

Instructions for importing the Leeds Beckett Harvard style file into Endnote: How to copy the Leeds Beckett style

When you display a list of styles in EndNote, the list comes from two sources:

  • the installed styles found in the Program Files\EndNote\Styles folder as well as
  • new or modified styles found in your personal Styles folder. 

On University machines the default “personal” EndNote Styles folder will be located in a path that looks something like this: C:\Program Files\EndNote XIV\Styles.  Unfortunately you are not able to modify or save files to this folder.

So you will have to 1) create a personal folder that you can copy files to, and 2) tell EndNote where to find this folder.

  • Create a folder where you would like to store your modified styles.  For example, you could create a folder called EndNote Styles in your My Documents folder.
  • In EndNote, click Edit, Preferences…

The EndNote Preferences box appears…

  • In the left pane, click Folder Locations.
  • Click the Select Folder button for the Style Folder.
    • Navigate to the folder you created in step 1.
  • Click Select, then click OK.
  • Copy the LeedsBeckett style (attached to this email) to the new folder.



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