Answered By: Andy Key
Last Updated: 03 Jul 2015

Re-license Statistics 22

- IBM SPSS Statistics use Safenet Sentinel technology for licensing. Safenet writes hidden data somewhere on-disc for keeping track of licensing data.

- The OS X 10.10 upgrade process erases that hidden data. Attempting to run Statistics produces a licensing error and a previous installed Statistics 22 does not start/run properly.

- As a solution you will need to Re-run the SPSS License Authorization Wizard, enter your authorization code again and complete the licensing procedure.

- A previous installed Statistics 22 on 10.9 should run again normally after the OS X upgrade to Yosemite 10.10.


Download and re-install Apple Java 6

- After a Mac OSX upgrade, Apple Java 6 may no longer exists on your upgraded system. If you then launch SPSS which is an application that relies on Java 6, the Mac OS pops up a dialog box stating Java 6 was requested, but none is present.

- The Java dialog has a "More Info" button, which when clicked opens a browser to an Apple Tech Support page for Apple Java 2014-001.

A download link is provided here:

- You must click on the download link and a DMG containing the Java 6 installer is downloaded.

- Then you must open the Java DMG, then double click on the Java installer, follow the prompts and complete the installation of Java 6.

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