Answered By: Jack Gilbert
Last Updated: 27 Apr 2017

Can't submit your assignment using Turnitin?

1) Check that your assignment title is 168 characters or less - Turnitin will not accept your submission if the title exceeds this limit.

2) Check that your submission contains more than 25 words - Turnitin cannot process an image-only submission so you must have at least 25 words in your assignment.

3) Check with students that the file size of their document does not exceed 40MB. If over 40MB in size, this will need to reduced (eg reduce the size of images within the document).  Text only files e.g. ‘document.txt’ cannot exceed 2 MB.

4) If you are submitting an assignment that has separate parts, your tutor should advise you where each part should be submitted to. This can either be separate assignment dropboxes for each part, or one assignment dropbox with multiple submission areas inside of it.