Answered By: Jack Gilbert
Last Updated: 19 Oct 2016

An Originality Report is generated when you make a submission using Turnitin. It is a result of Turnitin checking your submission against Websites, Books, Journals and work by other students, then bringing this together to produce a Similarity Index, which is a percentage of similarity between your work and any sources it is matched against. 

The Originality Report can be accessed when you open your assignment from within Turnitin. At the top-left of the screen there is a button labeled 'Originality', which will bring up the report when clicked. On the right-side pane you will then see a 'Match Overview' of the sources which your work has been matched to. Clicking on a source will allow you to see what has been matched.

For more information on interpreting Originality Reports, please see our full guide titled 'View / understand a Turnitin originality report (with video)' here.

An important thing to remember: If your Similarity Index is a high percentage, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have plagiarised your work, so if you have any concerns please contact your tutor or course leader.