Answered By: Susan Smith
Last Updated: 15 Jun 2016

Dragon Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software which is designed to transcribe the speech of a single speaker.  Whilst it is not designed to transcribe more than one speaker (as in an interview) the manufacturer does provide information on how it could be used to transcribe interviews.

You cannot simply run your recorded interview through the software as it would only transcribe the one voice it has been trained to transcribe – obviously you would need to have trained the software first. Basic training doesn’t take long – perhaps 20 minutes. However you could listen to the interview on headphones and then repeat it back to the software in your own voice and it would then transcribe what you are saying.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is not available on PCs in the Library. The Learning Support Officer has a copy on a staff laptop. If you are registered with Disability Advice you can contact the Learning Support Officer to request a demonstration of Dragon Naturally Speaking to help you decide whether to get your own copy, or for support with using your own copy of the software. Students not registered with Disability Advice would need to purchase their own copy of the software in order to use it.