Why is Open Access (OA) important?

Open Access (OA) means that items of scholarly work are made available online, in a digital format, at no charge to the reader and with limited restrictions on re-use.The OA movement is a worldwide effort to make research available online for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay for access.

Why this matters:
Publications submitted to the next REF must be OA. To ensure that your publication is eligible for the next REF, it must be uploaded to our Repository once it has been accepted by the journal. 

OA maximises research impact:
With no barriers to access, your research is visible to everyone. This maximises views and downloads and makes it possible for other researchers to quickly learn about and build on your work to make further advances

OA maximises the use of public funds: 
Peer-reviewed research is the product of your time, labour and public funds – there is little input or cost to the publisher. Access is then sold back to you via institutional subscriptions, at great profit to publishers. Unfortunately, these subscriptions rates are increasing and libraries can no longer afford to provide full access. OA ensures that the work you produce is accessible to everyone.