How can I make my publication Open Access (OA)?

You can make your research Open Access (OA) by following the Green or Gold model of OA, so please consider this whilst you are planning which journal to submit to.

By choosing the Green model, your article gets published in a journal which universities and others can subscribe to, thereby gaining access to your research, but the general public won't have access to your published version. To make it OA, you have to upload the accepted manuscript of your article in Symplectic and the Research Services Team will make it available in the Leeds Beckett Repository. From the Repository members of the public can access your research and it will appear high on search engine results.

Alternatively, you can use the Gold model, whereby the institution pays an Article Processing Charge (APC) which makes it immediately free for anyone to read online upon publication. Please contact your Director of Research before proceeding with the Gold model to ensure there is funding available. 

Whichever model you use, you should upload your accepted manuscript in Symplectic, as soon as it is accepted for publication.  This will ensure it is saved in the Leeds Beckett Repository and checked by the team. This fulfils REF 2021 requirements and ensures your work is OA.