How does the Request a Copy button in the Leeds Beckett Repository work?

The request a copy button ensures Leeds Beckett research in the Repository is Open Access (OA) and allows students & members of the public to request the accepted version of a publication. This is the final version of the publication accepted by the publisher, but without any of the publisher's typesetting applied. This is typically the only version of a publication a researcher can share.


How to Request:

  • Click the Request a copy button:


  • Check whether there is a DOI link in the title (See example below)
  • If so, click on the DOI link to access the published version
  • If there is no DOI link or you are unable to access the published version, continue with the Request a copy form by entering your email address  
  • Enter the reason you would like to read the research. This is optional but if it is for a course or reading list please tell us
  • Click the Request a copy button at the bottom of the page

What happens next?

Your request will be reviewed by the Research Services team who will ask the relevant researcher if they can provide you with a copy. Please be aware that researchers are under no obligation to provide you with a copy and the Research Services team can not directly share publications due to copyright restrictions. However, if they are able to share the accepted version of their work, the researcher will be in touch with you directly.