Which email address should I use when registering with ORCID?

ORCID recommend setting up at least two ways to sign in to help ensure that you’re not locked out of your ORCID record.

  1. You should set your personal email as the Primary Email, which is where ORCID will send your inbox notifications, if you have opted to receive them, as well as service announcements about your account.
  2. You can then add work email addresses (e.g. your Leeds Beckett or previous institution email) and use the current/past drop-down menu to select if the email address is one at which you currently can be contacted, or is an email that you no longer use but want to keep connected with your ORCID record in case it is mapped to an older research activities.

This means that if you should leave Leeds Beckett in the future and lose access to your Leeds Beckett email account, you won't end up losing access to ORCID too. If you need to change or update any settings you can do so by logging into your ORCID account