How do I export research from Symplectic to ORCiD?

You can export records of research you have in Symplectic to other websites such as ORCiD using a BibTeX file.

To do so for ORCiD:

  1. Sign into your Symplectic account using your standard University username and password
  2. Click on 'View All' in the Research outputs box at the bottom of your homepage


  1. Once you have the list of your total publications, tick the check box to select all your publications and click on the Export icon. 

  2. Click the ‘BibTex’ option which should automatically download the .bib file into the downloads folder on your computer. Do not open the file as you will not be able to view anything

  1. After you have downloaded the .bib file, sign into your ORCiD account
  2. On your main ORCiD profile page, locate the section called ‘Works’

  3. Click +Add works, then select the option to ‘Import BibTex’. Next click ‘Choose file’ and choose the file that has just been downloaded from Symplectic
  4. After you have chosen the file, you will be then able to edit, save or delete any of your publication records