Can I deposit a PhD by Existing Published Work?

If you have been awarded a Doctor of Philosophy by Existing Published Work you can deposit your thesis in the Repository provided that the included works were published

  • under a suitable Creative Commons licence; or
  • under a publisher policy allowing the published version to be deposited in an Open Access repository -check the SHERPA/ROMEO website for journal/publisher policies
  • or under a publisher agreement -check your contract or any agreement signed before the work was first published.

It may be necessary to redact the published versions of some works or replace them with the Authors Accepted Version. See FAQ How do I redact/remove material from a thesis?

The Authors Accepted Manuscript (AAM) is the final author-created version that incorporates referee comments and is the accepted for publication version.

Many publishers allow the AAM to be published in an Open Access repository rather than the commercially published version. Check SHERPA/ROMEO or your publisher agreement for details.

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