How can I configure my preferred name in Symplectic?

Users can set a preferred first name and/or surname. This functionality allows users to deal with cases where there is a difference between the legal name and the name preferred by the user – for example; the use of a maiden name in a professional setting, while a married name is used for HR purposes. 

This preferred name will override the name imported into Symplectic from the HR system. The name stored in the HR system will not be changed and it will still be possible to search for users using this name.

  1. Access your Symplectic account within the Leeds Beckett network (either on campus or through VPN).
  2. Click the menu in the top left corner, navigate to ‘My Profile’ > ‘About Me’ > ‘Set Preferred Name’.
  3. Add your preferred name and/or surname to be displayed throughout Symplectic.