I've recently changed my name. How can I handle my previous and current names in Symplectic?

In Symplectic, you have the option to include name-based search terms to maximise publication and grant retrieval from various data sources. Authors can use this tool after changing their names partially or completely for various reasons, including cases involving trans inclusivity, marriage, divorce, or personal choices. This feature enables data sources to search for publications authored under your previous and current names.

  1. Access your Symplectic account within the Leeds Beckett network (either on campus or through VPN).
  2. Click the menu in the top left corner, navigate to ‘My Profile’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Name-based Search’.
  3. Enter your name-based search terms in the format "Lastname, Firstname/initials." Add all combinations of your last name and initials under which you publish.
  4. Keep the default addresses associated with Leeds Beckett University to refine the search results by your name and institution.

Adding name variants to Symplectic name-based search tool