How can I have online text read out loud to me using ClaroRead software?


ClaroRead is available on all Library PCs. Please see the instructions below to use it to have online text read out loud:

Speaking selected text with the mouse

  • Select some text with the mouse to make it all speak without highlighting.

This is good for speaking a particular bit of text. It also works in any web browser - Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Opera. See Advanced Speech settings.

Using Play (Internet Explorer)

  • Click the Play button   or press F7. The web page will be spoken from "top to bottom" in an order that is related to the way the web page is built. 
  • If you click your mouse at the beginning of the paragraph that you would like to have spoken back, a "virtual cursor" will appear. Clicking Play   or pressing F7 will now start speaking, and the sentence will highlight in your chosen colour.
  • ClaroRead will carry on reading the web page until you click Stop   or press F8 or Control.

ClaroRead Chrome

ClaroRead Chrome is a plug-in for the Google Chrome browser which can be used to read web pages aloud.  See the Software page for information on how to install ClaroRead Chrome.  Once installed follow the instructions below to use it to have online text read out loud:

  1. Click on the text you want to hear then press the Play button   on the ClaroRead Chrome floating toolbar.  The text being read aloud will be highlighted.
  2. Click the Stop button   to stop the speech

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