How can I change the colours on my computer?

Please visit the AbilityNet Changing your colours page and choose your device and operating systems for instructions on how to change the colours of your screen.

The FAQ How can I change the accessibility settings in my web browser? may also be useful.

You can also change the colour of your screen using the following assistive software available on all PCs in the Library:

Texthelp Read & Write

  1. Open Read & Write software and click on the Screen Masking button.
  2. The Windows system background colour changes to light blue.
  3. A Screen Masking toolbar will appear in the bottom right of your screen
  4. Click on the Settings button on the Screen Masking toolbar to change the settings
  5. From here you can change which part of the screen is tinted
  6. Scroll down to choose the Background colour and Background opacity (this is how transparent the tint will appear)
  7. Try out the different options to find what best suits your needs


  1. Open ClaroRead Plus software and click on the Extras button
  2. Choose ScreenRuler from the menu
  3. Under Mode choose Overlay
  4. Under Outside Ruler choose from one of the colours
  5. Click the Save button to set your colour choice

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