How do I borrow a laptop?

You can borrow a laptop for use on campus from the laptop lockers found in both campus libraries.  You can take the laptops to other buildings on campus but they will not work off campus.

The loan period is 8 hours, but you should keep checking the battery life.  We do not lend chargers so you may need to return it before 8 hours. If the battery is running low or you need a laptop for longer than 8 hours, you can return it and take out another one.

Borrowing a laptop

You will need your student card to borrow a laptop.

  1. Press the “Loan” button on screen.
    • If you get the message “'no lockers available please try later” try pressing the “Accessible Loan High” or “Accessible Loan Low” buttons.
  2. Swipe your card against the card reader below the screen to login.
  3. Read our terms & conditions and then press “Accept”; if you don’t accept the T&C you will be unable to borrow a laptop.
  4. The date your laptop is due back will be displayed on screen.  The due time is not displayed so you need to check the time you are taking it out and return it within the 8 hour loan period.
  5. The locker you have been allocated will be displayed on screen and the light inside the locker will flash.
  6. Swipe your card against the card reader on the bay of your locker.
  7. The locker door will unlock (you will hear it click) and you can pull the door to open it. Disconnect the charging cable, remove the laptop and close the door.

Returning a Laptop

You need your student card to return your laptop.

  1. Press the Return button.
  2. Swipe your card against the card reader below the screen to login
  3. The locker you need to return your laptop to will begin to flash.
    • If you see the message 'no items to return' please make sure you are trying to return the laptop to the correct set - eg. if you borrow a laptop from the purple lockers it must be returned to the purple lockers. If you’re still having problems please speak to a member of the Advice Service Team.
  4. The locker will automatically unlock (no need to scan your card twice when returning). Please pull the handle to open the locker.
  5. Place the laptop inside and insert the charger cable into the power socket.  The light beside the locker turns red when the laptop is correctly connected.
    • If you don’t plug in the laptop it will not be returned from your library account.
  6. Close the locker door (you should hear the lock click when it closes).

If you do not return the laptop you may be charged the replacement cost of the laptop!

Why does it say there are no Laptops available when I can see Laptops in the locker ?

Whilst you may be able to see laptops in lockers, they may not be available to borrow.  Please check the light next to the handle of the locker for clarification about availability.

This should mean the laptop is available to borrow.  If the light is against bay 3 please try pressing the “Accessible Loan High” button or “Accessible Loan Low” button if against bay 7.

This means the laptop is currently charging and will be available to borrow once it has fully charged. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing how long this might be.

This means the laptop in this locker is currently on loan. If there is a laptop in a locker with no light on please tell a member of the Library Advice team.

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