How do I return a laptop?

You will need your Campus Card and Library PIN to return a laptop.  If you don’t know your Library PIN this FAQ shows you how to find it:

  • Press the Return button.
  • Swipe your card against the card reader below the screen .
  • When asked use your Library PIN and press Login.
  • The locker you need to return your laptop to will begin to flash.
    • If you see the message 'no items to return' please make sure you are trying to return the laptop to the correct set, if you borrow a laptop from the purple lockers it must be returned to the purple lockers. If you’re still having problems please speak to a member of the advice service team.
  • The locker will automatically unlock (no need to scan your card twice when returning). Please pull the handle to open the locker.
  • Place the laptop inside and insert the charger cable into the power socket.
    • If you don’t plug in the laptop it will not be returned from your library account and you may be charged late fees.
  • Close the locker door (you should hear the lock click when it closes).

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