PebblePad Alumni Account FAQ's

See below for Frequently Asked Questions regarding a PebblePad Alumni Account. Once you want to create one, see our guide on the PebblePad help page.

Do I qualify for a free Alumni account?

If you are a Leeds Beckett Student you are eligible for a free alumni account.

When can I create an alumni account?

It is strongly recommended that you create one just before you leave Leeds Beckett.

What happens to my assets when I move to an Alumni account?

When an alumni account is created, all your assets will be automatically transferred over to the new account. The assets will still appear in your institutional account as well; the only difference is that you can edit them directly from your alumni account.

In the event that assets have not appeared in your alumni account after 24 hours, or you are having issues in opening or editing your assets, please contact with your username and query so we can assist you.

Can I get an Alumni account if my institutional account has been deactivated?

If you have left us but would still like to have an alumni account, get in touch with the Library (, 0113 8121000) and ask for your account to be reactivated. We will ask you some security questions and create a reactivation request which is passed on to a third party.  It may take up to 10 days for your account to be reactivated, after which you can follow our guide to create an Alumni account. 

Can I change the email address associated with my alumni account?

Currently, there is no built in functionality to change the email address associated with an alumni account. However, if you contact with your username, current email and the new email you want to change to, they will be happy to change it for you.

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