How do I leave feedback on a fellow students Turnitin assignment paper using PeerMark?

Only a small number of tutors are using Peer Review

Leaving feedback on another student's assignment via Turnitin PeerMark tool. Please note only a small number of tutors are using PeerMark, so please check with your tutor if this applies to you.

Important: You can't delete comments you leave on a Peer Review Assignment, but you can edit them.

You can begin writing a peer review by selecting the Launch Turnitin PeerMark Review icon beneath the Tools heading of the submission inbox.

Tools heading of the submission inbox


  1. To open up your peer’s assignment, click Write Reviews at the top left of the window and click Start a Review.

Leave PeerMark feedback


  1. This will open your peer’s assignment.


  1. To leave feedback comments on the paper, click Tools in the top bar menu.


  1. The tools give you three ways to leave feedback on a peer’s paper. You can edit this feedback at any time by hovering over it and clicking Edit. Tools available are:
    1. Inline Text allows you to leave comments on the paper itself. Click the down arrow on the TOOLS menu to select a colour.


  1. Speech Comments create a speech bubble on the paper. Highlight a piece of text by holding the left mouse button down and dragging it across the text you want to highlight. Click the down arrow on the TOOLS menu to select a colour.


  1. Composition Marks are a default set of marks which allow you to leave quick feedback such as Improper Citation, New Paragraph or Delete. The student whose paper you're marking can hover over them to find out what it means.


  1. On the right of the screen is a list of QUESTIONS your tutor wants you to answer. There are question types: free response and scale.



  1. Free Response questions are a text box in which you write an answer. They may have a minimum word count.


  1. Scale questions are numbered 1-5. You have to select the option you think is most applicable e.g. very weak 1 2 3 4 5 very strong


  1. There's also a COMMENTS tab. This tab holds all comments you've left on the paper. If you click a comment, your screen will scroll to that comment on the paper.


  1. At the top left of the screen there's a progress bar showing how much of the review you've completed.


  1. You can save your progress at any time by clicking Save in the top right corner. This allows you to continue your feedback at a later date.


  1. When you're satisfied with the feedback you've left, click the Submit button.


  1. You'll see a Submission Complete message. Click Return to Assignment Inbox to return to the Peermark Review window.


  1. The assignment you just marked is now present, along with the progress complete and edit (green) button. You can edit your feedback until the due date has passed (your tutor sets the due date.)

Note: If the edit button is blue, you haven’t fully completed your review. Ensure that the submit button is clicked once you have finished your work and want to hand it in

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