Are there any recommended browsers, software or network connections for MyBeckett?

Google Chrome

We recommend you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser for MyBeckett. Chrome is a fast browser and is kept up to date by Google, reducing the number and effect of compatibility issues. You can download Chrome through the Google Store

Other browsers

Although we recommend Chrome, no web browser is perfect. We suggest you install multiple browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (Apple Mac). MyBeckett browser support information can be found on our supplier's website and you can test your browser using our supplier's browser checker.

We recommend you install multiple browsers. If you have any issues displaying web pages, switching to another browser often provides a quick workaround.


Some parts of MyBeckett need the latest version of Java to work. Please download Java and follow the on screen instructions.

After downloading, install the program. Run this test to check that Java is installed and working properly on your computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Some documents in modules are only available in PDF format. You need to install Acrobat Reader (or similar PDF reader software) to open them.

Make sure you untick the optional McAfee offer box, click the Install Now icon and follow the on screen instructions.

Adobe Flash Player

You need to download this to access some of the interactive features in MyBeckett. Please follow the on screen instructions.

Wired over wireless

Wi-Fi is great for catching up on Netflix, but wireless connections are prone to various connectivity issues when submitting marked assignments or large files (video files).

We always recommend that you use a wired connection when submitting work.

Home network connections

When using MyBeckett on a home computer, bear in mind that your network connection speed has an impact on responsiveness.

Recommended connection speed: Minimum 2Mbps for a reasonable user experience when downloading / uploading files or playing video / audio.

MyBeckett will work on slower connections: 0.2Mbps to 2Mbps albeit with slow download and upload speeds which affect the quality of video / audio.

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