How do I navigate MyBeckett?

When you log in to MyBeckett, you’ll find a list of options down the left-hand side of the page. You can navigate MyBeckett by clicking on the different options on this list.
•    MyBeckett
•    Profile
•    Activity Stream
•    Modules
•    Communities
•    Calendar
•    Messages
•    Grades

Find out more about each option below.

The first page you will see when you log in to MyBeckett is the Homepage, which contains helpful links on specific topics and services. Scroll down the MyBeckett Homepage to view the coloured cards that contain helpful links on specific topics to help guide you through your studies.
You may see different content depending on if you are a Degree Apprentice, Distance Learner etc.

Different cards and what they contain

Get Started- You will only see this if you are a new student with us. It features useful links and information to help you get started at Leeds Beckett University.
Course – Here you will find your Academic Calendar, your Timetable and Course Handbook. There will also be other useful Course links such as Results Online.
Library and Student IT – This is where you will find helpful links for your Office365 portal, your Emails, Webfiles and the Library website. There is also a link here for Student IT support.
Personal Support – You will find links here to help with Wellbeing, the Student Advice Team and other support networks.
Student Union – The links here are to help you get more involved with the social aspect of university. Here you can see any Student discounts, join societies, and see who your Course rep is.
Opportunities – This card shows you other opportunities that are offered during your time at Leeds Beckett. They include InPlace, Volunteering and Graduate opportunities and Postgraduate courses. 
Academic Support – Here you will find useful links to help with academic aspects of studying with us, such as Disability Advice and Support, Academic Advisors and Academic Appeals.
Alumni - This only appears when you're leaving the University. It contains important information which tells you what you need to do to retain your submissions and files after you leave. It also features information about Postgraduate study, careers and employability support, alumni services and more.

MyBeckett cards and what they contain


This page will have your personal information, such as your Student ID number and email address.
You can also personalise this by adding a photo.

Activity Stream
Activity Stream shows all activity from your modules.  You don't need to dig through the system to search for deadlines and assignments. Activity Stream is like a news feed which lists everything that is new, what’s due and what’s coming up, and will enable you to instantly identify your top priorities.

Plus, you can go directly into the assignment, module, or activity with just one click.
You can also personalise your notification settings within Activity Stream via the settings cog (top right of the page) or in your Profile via Global Notification Settings.

MyBeckett stream page



MyBeckett stream page notification settings

Modules contain all of your course content, assessments and resources for your learning journey. 
There are new functions at the top left of the modules page that allows you to personalise how you view them.
Personalise your experience
•    Search box – The module search box allows you to type in the title of your module to locate it quickly.
•    Star your favourites – Pin your most frequently needed modules by clicking the star icon. Your modules will then be at the top of the page under ‘Favourites’ 
•    Tile or List views - All of your modules can be listed in the ‘Tile View’ with a decorative image and module information, or change it to ‘List view’ to display your  modules in a list with no images

Communities contain your course groups for your whole school which may contain important information specific to your studies

Calendar shows information from your modules. It also allows you to place reminders and information relating to your studies. 
This is not your Timetable.

Messages display only information posted from your modules by your course leaders, instructors, and lecturers. 
Stay connected to your instructors with the ability to view messages across modules from one place. 

Grades will be visible here. View your provisional grades in one place. 

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