How do I download and log in to PebblePocket?

PebblePocket is a free companion app to PebblePad which allows you to upload content from your phone to your PebblePad Asset Store. It also allows you to create and edit Assets on the go. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

To download the app, please see the links below or search for 'PebblePocket' in your device's App Store:

Logging in to PebblePocket

Once you have downloaded PebblePocket on your phone, you will need to log in to your PebblePad account to enable you to create Assets or upload content to your Asset Store. To do this:

  1. Open PebblePocket on your phone.
  2. Tap on 'PebblePad' at the bottom on the screen:

 Screenshot of PebblePocket showing the PebblePad option in the middle at the bottom


  1. You will be prompted to login. Tap 'Log in' to continue.
  2. On the next screen, tap the box underneath 'Choose institution' and select Leeds Beckett University from the list, then tap the 'Login to PebblePad' button:

  Screenshot of PebblePocket showing the Device name and the box to select an institution


  1. Next, select the option that states 'I am a Student/member of Staff at Leeds Beckett University', and tap 'Login':

  Screenshot of PebblePocket showing the leeds beckett login page


  1. If prompted, enter your University username and password (e.g. c1234567) on the next screen. Then tap on 'Sign in':

  Screenshot showing the leeds beckett sign in screen


  1. You will now be signed in to PebblePocket and a message should confirm this:

  Screenshot of PebblePocket showing a success message once the user has logged in


You can now get started using PebblePocket to upload content to your Asset Store or creating Assets within the app.


For further guidance please refer to the PebblePad Help section under PebblePocket App.

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