How do I submit a Blackboard assignment?

Submit a Blackboard assignment

Before you start - the recommended browser for using MyBeckett is Chrome. There is currently an issue submitting Blackboard assignments using Safari.

We advise that you don't include any personal details within your submission, except for your username.

To submit a Blackboard assignment:

  1. In your module, locate the Blackboard assignment your tutor has set up. Your tutor can tell you where this is.
  2. When you've found it, click the assignment name to access it.

  3. You'll see the Assignment name, Instructions and Due Date on the next page.
  4. The option to attach a file is further down. Click Browse My Computer or Browse Cloud Storage (choose OneDrive for Business to access your Student OneDrive account) to upload your assignment.
  5. Locate your assignment file on your PC/OneDrive and click OK.
  6. Your assignment will appear in the Attached files list, showing that it is attached.
  7. You can also attach multiple files to a Blackboard assignment.
  8. Click Submit. 
  9. When your file(s) have finished submitting, a green Success! message will appear at the top of the page. If this does not appear, and you see a blue pie chart icon, we have another FAQ that explains why.

    Success message
  10. Your submission will open in the Blackboard assignment viewer. If you have submitted a large file and the file conversion message does not disappear, please wait a few minutes and then try refreshing the page.

Note, if you are submitting a video assignment, see our How do I submit a video for assessment? FAQ.


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