How do I view PeerMark feedback left by another student on my Turnitin assignment?

This guide shows you how to view PeerMark feedback from other students. Only a small number of tutors are using PeerMark, so please check with your tutor if this applies to you.

Important: You can only view your feedback after the post date. If you don’t know when this is, please consult your tutor.

1. Log in to MyBeckett with your username and password, go to your Modules card on the homepage (or Modules from the left-hand list) and enter the module containing the assignment.

2. In the module navigation menu click the content area containing the assignment (usually called Assignments). Click on View Assignment under the Turnitin submission icon.

3. Under Tools please click on Launch Turnitin PeerMark Review icon.




4. Click the Green Tick button - Read Reviews



5. Under the questions tab you can view the answers to the assignment questions left by the reviewing student. Selecting the Comments tab will show you any comments the reviewing student has left on your work. By clicking on the speech bubble next to the comment it will jump to the point in your document where the comment was left in the preview pane on the left-hand side of the screen.



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