How do I share and unshare assets with other PebblePad users?

Anything in PebblePad can be shared with other people e.g. students, colleagues and University tutors. All assets you create e.g. Blogs, Files and Webfolios are private unless you choose to share them.

You can share assets with different users, edit permissions for people to comment on or copy your assets and access assets that have been shared with you by others.

If you want people to simply be able to view your asset and leave a comment on it, please do this is as a web link by following our guide here. If you require other people to take copies of it, or would like them to see it in their PebblePad asset store, you should use this method.

Share an Asset

1. While logged in, go to your Asset Store and open up the Asset you wish to share.

2. Click on the I want to... button at the top right and then click Share:

3. Next, click With people. You will then need to specify the person you want to share your asset with. You may need to create them as a contact if you haven't already - this can be done through the Start typing here box if you begin typing an email address in. If the person is a PebblePad user already you can search for them by choosing Look for other PebblePad users.

You will need to set permissions for allowing people to comment on your asset, allowing people to copy your asset or setting the amount of time it will be available to them for. Then when you're done, just click on Share Asset.

Unshare Assets

1. In the Asset Store, locate the asset you want to unshare, then click on the Shared with other users icon, which will have a number next to it to indicate how many people it has been shared with:

2. The right hand panel will now slide into view. Next just click on the trash icon next to the Share to delete it. You will also be prompted to confirm this is going to be removed from the asset. You can view/edit the Share by clicking on the link next to the trash icon.

Access Shared Assets 

1. Enter your Asset Store.

2. Any shared Assets with you will appear in the list, and will have a marker labeled SHARED on them:

3. Click on the Assets to open them.

Your course team should advise on the most appropriate method to share your work.

You can also share your work for assessment to receive marks or feedback (eg a module assignment)

Or you can share with the web for those without a PebblePad account to see your work (e.g. as a portfolio of evidence for a job interview)


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