How do I join Adobe Connect via a mobile/tablet?

We recommend using a pc/mac, but if this is not possible, you can still join Adobe Connect meetings using your mobile/tablet, and your regular headphones (ideally those with a mic eg hands-free), preferably on wifi.

Search for and download the Adobe Connect app in either the Play Store (android) App Store (apple):

After clicking on the meeting link from your lecturer (eg please open in application:

If you are in a rush, you should still be able to access the meeting by clicking 'Open in Browser', but this is less stable.

If prompted please 'allow' Adobe Connect access to your microphone/speakers

Enter the meeting as a Guest with your name (please note this name will be visible in the meeting)

Down the left hand side there are viewing options:

In order to use your microphone the meeting host will need to enable this functionality, if so you will see:

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