How do I set up my Outlook Student Email in the Gmail App on an Android Device?

If you already use the Gmail app for your personal or work emails, and would like to use it to access your University emails in the same place, you can follow these steps to set up your student Outlook account within the Gmail app.

1) On the Gmail app, select the circle icon in the top right hand corner (this usually has your initial inside).

2) Click "Add another account".

3) Select the "Exchange and Office 365" option and enter your student email address.

4) You will then be asked to sign in with your normal University password.

5) A screen saying "Your account is now ready to go!" will come up. Click "Done" to return to your email inbox. 

6) To read your student emails, click on the initial icon in the top right hand corner where you will be able to open other inboxes.

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