How do I add to a discussion board using the Blackboard app?

You can add to a discussion board using the Blackboard app. Note, you will only be able to use this feature if your lecturer has included a discussion board in your module.

  1. Open the Blackboard app.
  1. Click Courses, then select a module.


  1. Navigate to the location of the discussion board within your module, then click to open it.
  1. Depending on the discussion board settings, you may be able to create a new thread by clicking the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Type a subject and message for the thread, then click Start now / Done or Send icon (these will vary on mobile device used).


  1. If not, you can open an existing thread (set up by your lecturer) and click Add reply at the bottom of the screen. Type your reply, then click Add reply to post it to the thread.

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