How do I collaborate on an asset in PebblePad?

In PebblePad, it is possible to share an asset collaboratively with your peers for group work. This will make you all owners of the asset and able to edit and save it.

NOTE: Only one person may edit the asset at a single time - a message will display informing you that it is currently being edited if you do try and open it when someone else has it open.

Share an asset with collaborative permissions

1) Open the asset you wish to share collaboratively.

2) Click on 'I want to...' in the top right corner and choose 'Share':

3) Next, click 'With People':

4) Start typing the persons name you wish to share the asset with into the 'Who are you sending this to?' box. They will not appear automatically unless you have shared with them before - if this is the first time you've done this, you will will need to click 'Look for other PebblePad users':

5) Enter a first name, second name and email address and click 'search'. When they appear in the section below that, click on them:

6) Repeat Step 4 and 5 above for any other people you wish to share with. After you're done selecting people, click the 'Collaboration' box, type a message in if desired and click 'Next'. 

7) Finally, confirm the Collaborative share by clicking 'Confirm share'.

Accepting the share

The people who you shared it with must log in to their PebblePad account and accept the collaborative share for the process to be complete. All they need to do is:

1) Log in to their account

2) Go to the asset store

3) Click on the Collaborative asset which will appear for them now you've shared it:

4) Click on on 'Accept Collaboration and Edit'

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