What should I bear in mind when submitting a PowerPoint file to Turnitin?

PowerPoints with audio/narration

If your lecturer has asked that you submit a Narrated PowerPoint file containing audio to Turnitin, submit in the .pptx file type. If not your lecturer will not be able to listen to the audio when they download your submission. Your lecturer will need to download the .pptx file in order to hear the narration. They will not be able to hear the narration in feedback studio. 

Feedback Studio preview check for text/images

Turnitin converts PowerPoint files into a static PDF to view in Feedback Studio, meaning text/images will remain in their original format.  But, presenter notes, embedded video and animations/visual effects will not be copied across/submitted.

Try converting any PowerPoint file you wish to submit via Turnitin into a PDF before submission - check to see if the integral features/content will be lost. If so, please contact your lecturer for advice.  It is also recommended that any visual effects such as shadows and 3D be removed prior to any submission to Turnitin.

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