How do I install the OrbitNote PDF Reader App and open PDF files?

OrbitNote is a PDF reader app from Texthelp.  It allows you to work with PDF files including having the text read aloud, highlighting text and adding voice or text notes.

To install OrbitNote:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Sign in with Microsoft and enter your Leeds Beckett student email address and password.
  3. OrbitNote will now open.
  4. Click on the Install extension button and click Add to Chrome, then Add Extension.

To pin the OrbitNote button to your Chrome toolbar so it’s easier to find:

  1. To the right of your address bar, select Extensions. .
  2. Find the OrbitNote extension.
  3. Select Pin.

To enable OrbitNote to open web PDF files:

  1. Right click on the OrbitNote icon to the right of the address bar and choose Options.
  2. Tick the Open Web PDFs box.
  3. Click X to close the window/

You may also find the OrbitNote support page useful.

OrbitNote works with PDF files from a variety of sources including from web pages, Google Drive, OneDrive and those saved on a computer:

PDF on web page:

When you open a PDF from a web page it should automatically open in OrbitNote .  If not, you may need to enable OrbitNote to open web PDF files, see instructions above.

PDF from Google Drive

  1. Double click on the file in Google Drive online
  2. The file will open in the preview window, click on Open with at the top of the page and choose OrbitNote

PDF from One Drive

  1. Double click on the file in OneDrive online
  2. When the file is open click on Open and choose Open in Browser

PDF saved to your computer

  1. Open the OrbitNote dashboard by clicking on the OrbitNote icon to the right of the address bar.
  2. Then either drag a PDF file on your computer to the Drag and drop a PDF file here box.
  3. Or click on the Choose file and browse to the location of the file on your computer.

For instructions on having the PDF file read aloud to you see How can I have a PDF file read aloud using OrbitNote PDF reader?

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