How do I navigate my online Reading List?

Your online Reading List now makes it easier to navigate around your reading list through the use of filtering and searching.

1. Filtering

You can now filter your reading list items by sections, available under 'Table of Contents'.  This can be by week, session or theme, depending on how you lecturer has structured the reading list.

You can also filter your list by resource type (online/physical), reading intention, reading priority and by your own personal notes.  This is located under 'View'.

And lastly, you can filter your items by referencing or citation style, i.e. Leeds Beckett Harvard.  This is located under 'Citation Style'.

2. Searching

You can also search the contents of your reading list by using the search box on the top right of the reading list.  You can search by title, author, year published, publisher and ISBN/ISSN.



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