How do I use reading intentions in my online Reading List?

You can create reading intentions within your online Reading List to help you structure your readings and to plan your studying.

First you will need to create a profile.


To create a reading intention for a specific title, click on the circle icon to the right of the title (View reading intentions menu).  This will prompt a drop-down box of options for your reading intentions. 

Select a reading intention by clicking on one of the options: Undecided, Will read, Reading now, Have read and Won't read.

View reading intentions menu


Once selected, you can see your reading intention next to the title.


To access the reading intentions you have chosen, click on View your profile under your name, then navigate to the My reading intentions tab. 

This will list all of the readings you have already chosen and organised.

 Example of reading intentions in your reading list profile.


Clicking on the item title takes you to a title information page where you can check live availability of print items or access online items directly.


Item availability


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