How do I print or export my online Reading List?

In order to print your online Reading List, you will need to export the list first. 

You have a choice of different formats: CSV (Excel), RIS (Reference Management Software, i.e. Endnote, Mendeley, etc.) and two PDF styles: PDF - list and PDF - Bibliography.

We recommend exporting your list as a PDF for printing purposes, but you can choose whichever format suits your needs best.


To export your reading list click on the 'View & Export' button on the top right side of the list.  In the drop-down box under Export click on the format you prefer and it will start downloading the file.


CSV - this is a file format used for Excel.  This will download your reading list as a spreadsheet.


RIS - this is a file format used by Reference Management Software such as EndNote, Mendeley, RefMe, etc.  Once you download this file, you can then upload it to the reference management software of your choice.  Please refer to the specific reference management software's instructions in order to upload this file.


PDF - List - this file format is best for printing and displays the list in the default display style (without referencing style) in the same order that your lecturer has structured the reading list.


PDF - Bibliography - this file format is best for printing and displays the list as a bibliography (alphabetically by the Author(s)' surname) in the default referencing style (Leeds Beckett Harvard).


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