How do I use the MyBeckett journals tool?

MyBeckett's journals tool is a bit like a blog. Depending on the settings chosen by your lecturer, the journal will either be private (so you and your lecturers can see your posts) or open to all (so all lecturers and students enrolled on the module can see your posts).

How do I post a journal entry?

Your lecturer may ask you to write online journal entries as part of your module. To do this:

  1. First locate the journal tool within your MyBeckett module. This will have a name and description chosen by your lecturer.


  1. Click Create Journal Entry.

Create Journal Entry button


  1. Type a title and entry.
  1. Click Browse Local Files to upload a file from your computer, or click and drag files into the dashed area.


  1. Click Post Entry to submit the journal entry, or you can Save Entry as Draft to continue working on it later.

Post entry button


  1. When posted, your entry will be added to the journal.

Example entry


  1. Any lecturer comments appear below the journal entry. To view the comment, click Comments.

Journal comment


  1. You can reply to a comment by clicking the Comment button to the right of the journal. This will expand an area in which you can type a reply and click Add.

Comment button


Can I view other students' journal entries?

If the journal is set up so that entries are visible to all students, you can use the arrows in the panel on the right to view other students' journals. You can view comments, but you cannot add comments to other students' journal entries.

Journal entries


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