How do I use the Modules / Communities pages in MyBeckett?

This FAQ provides some tips about using your Modules and Communities pages in MyBeckett.

The Modules page displays the modules that you are enrolled on. Modules contain all of your course content, assessments and resources for your learning journey.

Communities contain your course groups for your whole school which may contain important information and announcements related to your studies.

Tile or list view?

If you prefer, you can toggle the layout of your Modules and Communities pages between a tile or list view using the List icon (three lines) or Tile icon (grid) at the top left of the page.

  • In tile view, content is displayed with a decorative image.
  • In list view, content is displayed without an image.

List and tiled view icons

Search your Modules / Communities pages

There is a search box at the top left of your Modules and Communities pages. You can use this to locate content more quickly, and you only need to type the first few letters of a module title to start searching.
Module search box

Pin content

You can use the star icon to pin your most frequently visited content to the top of your Modules or Communities page, under ‘Favourites’. The module / community ID is displayed when clicking the information icon next to the star.
The star icon that you can use to pin modules to your favourites list

Video guide on customising your modules and community pages in MyBeckett:

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